As an arts production organization- we ascribe to certain values with every project we undertake. Here are some of our values.

ANTIX! puts the artist first.

ANTIX! values that each and every artist is on their own path, seeking to innovate and challenge themselves in new and exciting ways. We encourage our artists to push boundaries, expand art forms and challenge the status quo. We respect the artist by ensuring they are appropriately compensated for their work.

ANTIX! works through the spirit of collaboration.

ANTIX! believes in the power and spirit of collaboration. We each contribute and build off of one another’s ideas to create unique experiences for our audience members. We embrace diversity and the unique backgrounds of our collaborators.

ANTIX! values innovation.

Defining art is a useless exercise. We believe in our artists abilities to re-imagine their art forms and become truly revolutionary with their ideas.

ANTIX! values audience accessibility.

ANTIX! believes in audience accessibility. Art is intended for the masses, with an incredible power to influence their lives. All ANTIX! productions will include a reduced entry ticket to allow low-income audience members to attend.

ANTIX! values the environment.

ANTIX! believes in the environment and takes on the responsibility to produce and create art with an eco-conscious mentality.